Ultimate Sinai

Multi Adventure

25-29 Apr


  • Sinai is a peninsula in Egypt, the only part of the country located in Asia. It is situated between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red sea to the south and is a land bridge between Asia & Africa. Sinai has a land area of about 60000 KM2 and a population of approximately 1400000 people. Administratively, the Sinai Peninsula is divided into two governorates: The South Sinai Governorate & the North Sinai Governorate

Trip Program

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4

  • Ras ShitanDay 1

    • We have one interesting visit lined up. The lizard Canyon might require you to do some scrambling to get by, but it worth it. Overnight at the Camp. (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)

    Accommodation details

    • Dayra Camp (or similar)

    • Ras Shitan


    • hiking
    • campfire
    • cliff-jumping
    • swimming
  • DahabDay 2

    • Despite its small size, there’s still plenty more to see in the town of Nweibaa. Today we will be discovering the white canyon which is made off sandstone and limestone - thats where the brilliant white colour comes from then heading to the Colored Canyon, a rock formation that extends for about 800 meters. The Colored Canyon is more of a labyrinth of rocks that bends and swirls in many shapes and colors & then heading to Abo Galloum. Overnight at the Camp. (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)

    Accommodation details

    • Blue Lagoon Camp

    • Abougalloum


    • hiking
    • campfire
    • swimming
  • DahabDay 3

    • Go to Abo Galoum for an exhilarating snorkeling experience. Spend time soaking up rays in pursuit of a golden tan, chilling by the soothing water or read a book. After a memorable morning by the beach. Enjoy your spectacular surroundings and lose yourself to the sounds of air and water lifting your soul to higher state. Later at night, take the boats for star gazing in the middle of the sea. Might as well take a swim and see the biolumine scent bacteria glowing all around you. Meals included :Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Accommodation details

    • Blue Lagoon Camp

    • Abougalloum


    • boat-ride
    • swimming
  • DahabDay 4

    • We will head to Blue Hole & having lunch there then here’s no time to waste because we’re about to embark on an outdoor adventure that includes rock climbing at Wadi Gonaya. Overnight at the hotel. Meals included: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

    Accommodation details

    • Happy Life Hotel (or similar)

    • Dahab


    • rock-climbing
    • snorkeling

Trip Details

Gazef Scale


  • 1. All accommodation (You might share the room with someone else in the group depending on the rooming list)
    2. All transport and transfers per itinerary
    3. Meals mentioned in the itinerary
    4. Rock Climbing
    5. White Canyon
    6. Colored Canyon Trip
    7. Lizard Canyon Trip
    8. Boat Ride
    9. Safari Cars
    10. Transportation from Cairo to Ras Shitan & from Ras Shitan to Dahab
    & back to Cairo

Optional Activities

  • Horse Riding 70 $
    Beach Buggy 150 $


  • 1. Beverages and drinks
    2. Tips
    3.Personal Spending
    4.Optional Activities

Packing List

  • Comfortable Clothing
    Long Pants
    Insect Repellent
    Bathing Suit
    Lightweight Trainers
    Torch/Head Light
    Running Shoes
    Sleeping Bag

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