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  • Multi Adventure

    Wildlife Adventure

    Patrol and observe animals in their natural habitat; giving you a hands-on encounter with some of the worlds’ most exotic creatures.

  • Multi Adventure

    Multi Adventure

    A little bit of everything, and a whole lot more. This is an unbeatable mix of eccentric encounters. Giving your senses a real taste of adventure; with inside access to local living, and activities catering to everyone; from adrenaline junkies to tree huggers.

  • Multi Adventure

    Spiritual Adventure

    A recreational odyssey of self-discovery; that will rejuvenate your well-being through mindful traveling.

  • Multi Adventure

    Marine Adventure

    From full on sailing trips, to consecutive island hopping. Ride the current and explore the earth with a sway; taking you just about any place where there’s water.

  • Multi Adventure

    Trekking Adventure

    Don’t just see the world! Hike and trek your way through it. Defy your physical boundaries and conquer unconventional trails and peaks.



Experience adventure through the ancient wonders and marvel at breath taking landscapes



Your honeymoon is the first of many memories you’ll share together, and while sipping cocktails in tranquility by the beach will never lose its charm; setting off your marriage with an adventure is bound to bring you closer. Just as your wedding day, your honeymoon should be one for the books. Make it memorable, make it an adventure…

Tailor a perfectly fit adventure

Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a high school trip, whether you’re a membership organization or simply just a group of like-minded people with a thirst for a new experience; Gazef can customize your adventure tailored to your particular interest.

Customize your trip